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We provide a fast, reliable and professional quality service repairing both commercial and domestic vehicles.

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Our Work - Before and After
Our Work - Before and After
Our Work - Before and After
Our Work - Before and After
Our Work - Before and After
Our Work - Before and After
Our Work - Before and After
Our Work - Before and After
Our Work - Before and After

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Know Your Rights

Motorists today are often paying far more than they need to for servicing and repairs. There are two main reasons for this: they mistakenly believe that to protect their warranty they have to use expensive main dealer servicing facilities and that,  after an accident,  they must use the repair workshop specified by their insurance company.

Your Car – Your Choice

Let’s look at these two myths more closely.

Myth One: You must take your car, brand new or old, to a main dealer to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty

This is a common misconception which it is obviously not in the main dealers’ interest to dispel. However, the block exemption rules released in 2002 by the UK government in line with European Union law stipulate that a vehicle manufacturer cannot insist that vehicle owners take their vehicle to them for servicing or repair in order to protect the warranty. The rules make it clear that independent repairers are just as entitled to service or repair the vehicle as long as they adhere correctly to the manufacturer’s guidelines and use original equipment parts.

For more information on this ruling see Q4. What effect will the new block exemption have on the car repair and servicing market?

So, why pay the excessive rates charged by main dealers when you can use a reliable local, family-owned-and-run establishment with a realistic pricing structure? (You’ll find that Manning & Boyce’s hourly rates can be as little as half those of the main dealers.)

Myth Two: If you have an accident, you have to use a repairer on your insurance company’s list

When you make an accident repair claim under your policy, your insurance company will normally try to direct you to one of its nominated repairers. In some cases they may even try to insist that you use them. However, they are not entitled to do this because, after all, your vehicle is your property and you should be free to have it repaired where you wish.

Bear in mind, too, that the repairers on the insurance company’s list have probably had to agree to very low rates in order to be placed on the list. Understandably, these low rates can lead to their cutting corners in order to make a profit on the repairs. Manning & Boyce, on the other hand, can charge the insurance companies fair and reasonable prices and so doesn’t need to compromise its high service and repair standards.

So, even if Manning & Boyce is not on your insurance company’s list, entrust us with your accident repair work. We will negotiate fair repair costs with your insurance company. We will also supply a warranty on the repair and in the respect of any paintwork we carry out we issue a lifetime warranty, thanks to our association with PPG.

And remember, free collection and delivery, a mini-valet on completion of repairs, and a free courtesy car are all standard Manning & Boyce services.

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